How an operational tune-up delivered rapid-response and reduced costs

City, County & State Municipalities are often budget-starved with high expectations from a demanding constituency & a steady-diet of unpredictable stormy weather.

In this issue, see how StormTrak™ inspired an operational tune-up that delivered rapid-response & reduced costs for this major metropolitan city.

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What can StormTrak™ do for your municipality?

Whether you already have EM/AVL automation in place, or none at all, StormTrak™ provides the benefit of connecting & evaluating every aspect of your emergency weather response.  Using built-in cost    performance and analytical features, StormTrak™ gives you the insights to re-shape how you manage resources and customer service.  Call 301.520.4954 or email for more information or to schedule a demo.  Hosted plans are scale-able and affordable for any size municipality.

** StormTrak™ has been a key partner for municipalities since 1996.